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Japanese Class of marugakuen

Welcome to marugakuen!

Feel free to ask any question from the chat icon at the right bottom. 💭

We'll respond to it within 1 business day

What is marugakuen "Maru" means a "Circle" in Japanese ◯, and also means 🌎harmony, 👌OK, and 🙆ZERO. We are the online school and community to help you enjoy your life & make friends from 30+ countries all over the world, and all ages (🌸we have 14 - 70 years old!) 

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Let's see how you can apply it! 
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Here is the class list and schedule! The date is the 1st day for weekly classes, for 3 months 

to find out more countries here

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<Step ①−④ Details & Links>

​① 👀 Watch the introduction video at the top of this page (with sound ON📣)

There are mainly 4 levels of classes, most of them are based on ZOOM: 

1) 🌸 ZERO beginner: You can start it without any prior experience :) 

2) 👍 Beginner: If you have some experiences before, come here and let's have fun together!

3) 🥳 Let's にほんご: You can learn not only languages but also cultures with interesting projects

4)🔥 Advance: Creative writing, Grammar intensive, NEWS, 敬語 intensive etc.

and check more details here


② 📝 Fill this 👉FORM👈 to let us know your interests, and get invitation!

③ 👏Join the 1st week class orientation:

Here is the URL
ID: 828 8913 0236
PASS: 000000 

(We'll send the Google Calendar invitation if you filled the form but you join it from above)


④ 💛Register and Complete the payment by Feb 10th

​※IMPORTANT: send us the feedback form first

and make payment for your class (click below):

Payment is monthly base

🔥GREAT NEWS! : You can get FULL REFUND if you cannot continue the classes by filling this form by 2/24 in your time zone *no exception allowed, so be on time! Plz check "trial refund" for the 1st question)

👍Recommendation from members
Sean (university student, Turkey)
Amir (Singapore)
Clari (Singapore)
Check out our members' voice and their interest, cultures, and favorites! 💛 
(Also available on SpotifyApple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcast)

🏫 What are the classes
more details for each class here
Class introduction videos coming soon!

① 🙆 ZERO beginners

We welcome everyone who has ZERO experiences of Japanese. We will try out best to motivate you by making a small buddy groups and out side of club activities :)  Also we have a new "TIME-FREE" class based on messenger, so you can do anytime at your convenient with a class facilitator

Facilitator: Nari

We'll enjoy lots of conversation and practice from ZERO experience!

Facilitator: Eiko

TIME FREE class, you will be in the messenger group to make a self-introduction page / magazine 

by learning the Japanese little by lttle

②🌸 Beginners

If you have some experiences (Studied by  your self of had classes before), you can check out these classes. We focus on "real communication" and "fun to learn" 


If you are somewhat comfortable in speaking in Japanese and want to use it more, or interested in cultures and community. This is highly recommending! We enjoy different collaborative projects :)

​④ 🔥 Other Advance & Special classes

If you are highly motivated, plz check out these unique classes!

📚 Grammar Marathon

📰 NEWS reading & discussion

💰 Creative writing & aiming to win awards

💼Honorific language intensive class


松島 調

Nari Matsuhima


What is a language for human and society? Considering how and why, I work for universities such as Waseda, TDU, MU, YCU. Also, I have taught Japanese outside Japan. Representative director of JaLESA. Many hobbies in Japanese traditional cultures. Let’s enjoy life.


Chance to know your Japanese Competency!​

  • J-CAT is a self-assessment test. This test is used by many universities, schools and institutions all over the world. Using a computer with the internet, you can automatically evaluate your level of ability in Japanese.

  • At marugakuen, you can take a J-CAT test. Normally people can not take this test unless they belong to certain institutions.

  • For more details, we are getting that ready. Please look forward to it!

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