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Introduction of Japanese Class

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💡 What is marugakuen? 🌎
Maru = Circle, harmony, and OK!🙆 
Gakuen = school, community 🏫
In Japanese

What is unique about us? 🏫
Not teaching but facilitating

In our classes, there is no what we call “teacher” or “instructor”. Instead, we have a “facilitator”.

We are on online community providing unique learning experience with the online community. Students and facilitators are from 20 countries and more and exchange "what you experienced," and "what you want to learn". We have classes from language to exercise, and even creative writing with dialogues!

Thanks to the technology period, YouTube and online-library provide great leaning materials which we can use anytime anywhere for free.
In such a case, we think people who wants to study is looking for the “fun experience” through studying.
“Fun experience” can be such as, learning with peers or discussing about interesting topics.


Throughout the class, facilitator will create exciting learning atmosphere so people can have valuable experience.

About Japanese Classes

Introduction by your level & experience

一、For zero to beginners 🙆

二、For who’s studied before 📚 

三、For  who’s super motivated🔥

一、For ZERO to Beginners 🙆

Don’t worry! you can start from absolute ZERO!

We have a weekly regular lesson

  • “Don’t know where to start…” 

ZERO Beginners / Beginners  by Nari: With conversational practice, you’d be able to express yourself in Japanese! i.e) What you like, what you want to do! 

  • “I’m good at self-study but need some help…”

Elementary Japanese  with Yoko: We’d guide you what to study and support you to set the right goals, with various helpful materials.

二、For who’s studied for a while 📚

You have some experiences? Enjoy more with these  unique weekly regular lessons :)

  • “I’d like to have fun with friends and learn cultures🍵”

Let’s にほんご by Nari:  We’d make fun programs with you, from cultures like Haiku to useful grammar study and presentations  :) 

  • “I like competitions and creative activities ✨”

Japanese Bounty Hunter  by Yoko: Let’s apply to creative competitions in Japan, like essay, poem, and your opinions. And maybe some monetary award! 

  • “I like to have interesting conversation and presentation  in Japanese”🎤

日本語中級(発表プロジェクト)by Nari: We’d decide the topics and do research and interviews with Japanese people and presentations! 

  • “I’d like to improve my 敬語 (honorific language)...”

Let's think and practice polite Japanese together by Mai

三、For  who’s super motivated🔥

  • ”I want to MASTER the grammar someday..!”

Grammar Spring! by Nari: We’ll focus on beginner  grammar (toward intermediate level)  that  even advanced learners often take mistakes  

  • “I want to be speaking & reading the working/business level Japanese” 

日本語上級 : Reading NEWS Paper and try to get used to difficult vocabulary and grammar


松島 調

Nari Matsuhima


What is a language for human and society? Considering how and why, I work for universities such as Waseda, TDU, MU, YCU. Also, I have taught Japanese outside Japan. Representative director of JaLESA. Many hobbies in Japanese traditional cultures. Let’s enjoy life.


Chance to know your Japanese Competency!​

  • J-CAT is a self-assessment test. This test is used by many universities, schools and institutions all over the world. Using a computer with the internet, you can automatically evaluate your level of ability in Japanese.

  • At marugakuen, you can take a J-CAT test. Normally people can not take this test unless they belong to certain institutions.

  • For more details, we are getting that ready. Please look forward to it!

Japanese Class of marugakuen

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